The Software-Refiners

Software and Technology partners for the manufacturing sector.

TECHSOFT is the Austrian-wide leader in providing the industry with solutions in the fields of development, production, service and operations.

By utilizing existing systems as a basic framework, we enrich software based on our customers’ requirements and wishes. By doing so, we reassure that our customers receive a tailor-made solution that caters to their specific needs (in the fields of development, production, service and operations). The same adheres to hardware and IT-infrastructure. An end-to-end solution that delivers distinct additional value.


We are a reliable partner!
With subsidiaries in Vienna, Linz and Salzburg, we are able to provide and implement solutions in a flexible and time-oriented fashion throughout the entirety of Austria. Our local customer-support hotline strives to aid our customers as best as possible in order to guarantee seamless support. The subsequent results are successful and long-lasting relationships – collaborations with certain customers date back as far as 1984!

Our Vision:
We accompany our customers on their journey towards digitalization and conjointly tackle the challenges that the technologically advanced future may hold for us!

Commercial Sales Partners

Once upon a time … in the year 1984!

Ever since our foundation in 1984, technology has changed at an unprecedented pace leaving many young and aspiring technicians gazing in awe. The challenges of having to produce faster, better and at a lower price than the competition have seen hardly any changes over time for most businesses.

Als Technologie- und Softwarepartner unterstützen wir unsere Kunden dabei – einige bereits seit 1984. Fast ebenso lange besteht die Partnerschaft mit Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

As a partner in maters of software and technology, we are supporting our customers with overcoming these challenges – some of them since 1984. Our partnership with Hewlett-Packard Enterprise has persisted for just about as long.

Since 1992, Parametric Technology - better known as PTC - has firmly established their position as our most important partner in providing the industry with solution-concepts for product development. Through the help of our sales-partners, we have been broadening our marketing efforts to cater to customers all around the globe since 1996. Simultaneously, our IT-infrastructure department has seen very successful developments since 2000, resulting in a Platinum Partnership with Enterprise Solutions for the distribution of Hewlett-Packard Enterprise in Austria.

Today we are set up better than ever before, providing industry-leading solutions in the fields of CAD/CAM, PDM/PLM and IT-infrastructure for the manufacturing sector.