ConSES MES Platform

ConSES MES Platform

Finding similar 3D models in Windchill and Creo is now as easy as Google image search. No matter whether 50,000 or 5 million 3D models are managed in Windchill, both Windchill and Creo always show the most similar models in a fraction of a second.
All of this without even moving a finger.

In many manufacturing companies, the growth of parts has been exploding for quite some time. Previous strategies such as manual part classification and standardization places only help to a limited extent.

Organisations such as VDMA estimate the life cycle costs for a new part manufactured in-house at an average of 3,400 euros. With an estimated 15% share of unwanted identical parts in mechanical engineering, a diversity of parts of several 100,000s results in enormous additional costs.

With the use of KI-based software products such as ModelSearch from TECHSOFT, this downward spiral can not only be discontinued but turned into its opposite.

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