Integrity ALM Plattform

Integrity ALM Platform

Integrity Lifecycle Manager

Integrity Lifecycle Manager Accelerate your software- and system-development

PTC’s ALM software-solutions offer a holistic foundation for your software- and system-development that enables successful cross-functional collaboration, automatization and re-usability between different teams and departments within your corporation.

Four extension packs offer solutions that specifically cater to the needs of software engineers, system developers, specification and quality analysts as well as process architects all the while supporting efficient collaboration with the extended product team. Additionally, PTC solutions for Lifecycle Management are available as handy subscription packages while being supported by Integrity’s software- and system-products.

PTC-Solutions for global software developers

Catalyze your innovation process with PTC-solutions for global software developers and facilitate continuous product differentiation. Control and manage the flow of resources and activities throughout the product development stage in order to swiftly adapt to changes on the market.

Our solution for software-development and -lifecycle management supports the following:

  • Management, replacement and traceability of requirements specifications
  • Test management
  • Workflow and process optimization
  • Software-modification, /- configuration and /-version management
  • Reporting, risk- and compliance-management

PTC-Solutions for model-based system development

In a world that is increasingly dominated by intelligent and interconnected products, PTC’s solutions for model-based system development will accelerate your rate of innovation. Efficiently design complex products, platforms and variations to increase retention and validate design-ideas at earlier stages of your product’s lifecycle.

Our unique standard-based solution for multiple users supports the following:

  • System design
  • Product line development
  • Resource re-utilization
  • Software design and automatized code-synchronization

PTC-Solutions for requests and validation

Encourage collaboration and safe time with PTC-Solutions for requests and validation. Initiate iterative processes of closed kind with request flow down on the system layer and safeguard the granular traceability of system requests, constructions and tests.

Our solution for closed processes encompasses:

  • Request management
  • Test management
  • Request exchange
  • Traceability of requests

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