Servigistics SLM Platform

Servigistics SLM Platform

PTC SLM-Solutions

Service oriented businesses often struggle to either meet customer-satisfaction rates or certain Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Frequently faced challenges are the increase of corporate efficiency through available resources, retaining the same level of services with fewer resources or simultaneously promoting service-business and the growth of revenue.

Reaching these goals has become increasingly harder. PTC’s portfolio of SLM solutions provides feasible means of tackling and overcoming said challenges all the while improving service for your products by achieving the following:

  • Boosting revenue through services
  • Higher corporate efficiency
  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Diminishing the risk of products becoming commercial failures
  • Utilization of real-time data retrieved from linked devices

Our unique approach towards continuous product and service improvements, our substantiated product and service knowledge as well as our top tier SLM solutions enable your business to master the transformation into a strategically service-oriented organization while utilizing the capabilities that originate from interconnected products.

By granting you real-time remote access to resource- and machine information, IoT solutions from PTC allow you to know what is happening when, where and why. This way you can accumulate data more effectively, utilize your information better and streamline business processes.

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