CAD Solutions

With our CAD-software (computer-aided design) you can create, alter, analyze and document your product-constructions.

The software drastically improves the efficiency of the construction procedure by automating certain processes, i.e. the conventional drawing-process. By means of the multitude of functionalities the CAD-software offers, the overall product quality surges while the Time-to-Market shortens.

PDM/PLM Solutions

Product-Data Management as well as Product Lifecycle Management help to improve product-development processes along the entirety of your business’s value chain. 

Both have seen an increase in usage over the past few years, especially in medium-sized enterprises. Any and all product-relevant data is being monitored and administered over its lifecycle and the arrangement and automatization of processes becomes more and more scrutinized for its yield of success. Through the use of modular and customer-specific PLM-software we guarantee the success of your future PLM-projects.

IT-Infrastructure Solutions

We will keep everything running smoothly! As a system-integrator and certified Platinum Partner of HPE amongst a multitude of other premium suppliers, we can guarantee an efficient IT-infrastructure. Our offer not only includes hardware, but also system-integrated software and additional services.

In order to keep all processes within the systems from malfunctioning, we strive to provide our customers with an adequate service-package to alleviate them of any inconveniences, should they occur that is.


Production Solutions

No matter the application, whether it be machine simulation, programming, fault detection, optimization or editing product-geometry – TECHSOFT’s production solutions opens up a myriad of new opportunities. With the manifold functions included you will be able to overcome even the most complex tasks in the pursuit of making sure that production operates in just the way you envision it to.