TECHSOFT Solutions

TECHSOFT Solutions

To round out TECHSOFT’s section of CAD/CAM Solutions, we are proud to present Add-ons that were developed in-house. In the end, all of our applications strive to fulfill their ultimate task: splicing any last loose ends in the process chain!
iPrint – Ubiquitous access to your drafts via Inter- or Intranet

Product-data management systems allow for quick and easy access to your construction drafts. No matter your workstation, designs can be fetched within seconds. With iPrint, TECHSOFT is offering a comprehensive solution in this regard.

  • Relieve your precious engineers of their workload
  • Automate your printing and dispensing processes
  • Facilitates hassle-free access to drafts

More than 6,000 users are already backing iPrint.

ModelSearch – 3D Similarity-Search Brought to Perfection

Users of Creo Elements/Direct ModelManager and Windchill PDMLink are in for a treat!
ModelSearch: the geometric-similarity-search-engine for 3D-models. Through the power of its unique LIVE-support feature, you are only 1 click away from finding the existing model that most closely resembles the one you are currently working on. And since ModelSearch exclusively operates through Windchill and ModelManager respectively, there is no need to employ any additional systems.