ThingWorx IoT Platform

ThingWorx IoT Platform


In order to meet the ever-increasing demands of today’s IoT-market, companies have to establish sustainable technology-infrastructures. Intelligent and interconnected solutions are more in demand than ever before!

Such infrastructures center around the computational power of IoT-platforms. As a suite of various components, it allows you to:

  • provide applications that supervise, administer and control connected devices
  • remotely capture data of connected devices
  • safeguard an independent and safe connection between devices
  • manage sensors and devices
  • alleviate the integration of third-party systems

IoT-platforms exist and operate independently of both hardware and application layers in the IoT technology-stack. By seamlessly integrating into each connected device’s application, it enables a unified implementation-process for new functions on each subsequently connected device.

PTC ThingWorx

ThingWorx offers the world’s first complete and fully operational Industrial Innovation Platform that integrates the functionalities of Axeda. The platform encompasses connectivity, a device-cloud, business logic, Big Data, analysis tools and remote-service applications. A combination of all the aforementioned features provides a comprehensive IoT technology framework and allows businesses to safely connect their resources, quickly devise applications and discover new ways to create and capture value.

ThingWorx contains the latest IoT development tools through which businesses can realize their products and ideas in virtually no time. Thus, the Time-To-Market aspect becomes less relevant and facilitates the solution-finding process.

Nowadays this technology is relied upon and successfully employed in sectors such as production, the energy- and agricultural industry, transport and public administration.

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